Distributor of the Week – Deanna Paauwe

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Name: Deanna Marie Paauwe
Location: Kamloops, British Columbia
Start Date: January 2017

SL: Thanks for joining the Sweet Team Deanna! Why did you choose SweetLegs?

DMP: SweetLegs chose me! Ha ha. I swore up and down for years that leggings were not pants and they would never look good on my body – even when a friend recommended them for me during one of my pregnancies I said nope. I loved the way other people looked in leggings and high boots, so I thought why not try some leggings from the store? I actually really liked the look. I’d heard so much about SweetLegs I decided to look up the local ID and give them a whirl. I put them on and could NOT get over the awesome!! I bought three pairs that night, went home and checked out the website and decided I needed to sell these and wear.all.the.leggings!


SL: How has being part of the Sweet Team impacted your life?

DMP: I have been pregnant and/or nursing for the last ten years, and I have an awesome husband and five beautiful children. Somewhere along the way I lost Deanna. I needed something just for me, and SweetLegs gives me an outlet. I forgot how much I love merchandising and organizing stock and chatting with customers. I love to help other people feel good about themselves, and it makes me feel good about myself, and I really need that at this time in my life.



SL: Real talk – how many donuts can you eat in one sitting? We love donuts.

DMP: Well, I’ve never actually attempted to eat more than socially acceptable in public but I do love me some donuts so I could pack away a number at one time I’m sure.

“I really love the sense of community and family within the SweetLegs family. It’s a sense of belonging.”

SL: Tell us something exciting about yourself that others may not know?

DMP: I used to skydive. Unfortunately for me, not very well.  20+ jumps in my log book and not one of them landing on my feet. While I’d love to try it again one day the thought of chasing five children while on crutches terrifies me. Something else funny?? I’m scared of heights – I’m scared of heights and I skydive. Weird.

SL: What’s your secret skill?

DMP: Besides bouncing off runways and landing in drainage ditches while skydiving? I make a mean pot of soup and homemade peasant bread.



SL: What is your most memorable customer interaction?

DMP: Hmmm, I’m a fairly new distributor so not really sure. I’ve introduced a number of people to SweetLegs for the first time. I just love the reaction when they put them on and start petting their legs, going on about the softness and how it feels like they have nothing on.

SL: Share an amazing SweetLegs story with us?

DMP: I was part of an event to raise awareness for substance abuse and local support in our community in remembrance of a young woman who struggled with these contentions. I helped to raise funds that went towards a bursary for an individual looking to improve their lifestyle and get clean and sober. Hearing people talk about the young woman this event was in memory of was inspiring and it was great to see the community come together and support the family. I was happy that a portion of my sales could go towards the cause. I’ve also recently held a contest on my Facebook page asking people to nominate someone for a free pair of leggings. Hearing the reasons why people are being nominated is so wonderful. I love feel-good, uplifting stories of empowerment and encouragement.


SL: Do you have any advice for future SweetLegs entrepreneurs?

DMP: I’m learning how to market myself and my business, I’ve just recently learned about the world of Instagram (you can teach an old dog new tricks). My advice would be to be organized and stay on top of things. Do your paperwork, don’t fall behind. And have fun! Because it is sooo fun.

SL: What makes your life Sweet?

DMP: My family, my beautiful babies (who all fight over the box when my stock comes in, begging for a new pair of leggings), ha ha. My husband who supports all my crazy ideas… and wine and chocolate, mom fuel!!


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