5 Reasons to Ditch Your Jeans

Life is Too Short to Wear Boring, Uncomfortable Pants

Whether you’re a die-hard SweetLegs fan or you’ve just found us, we’d love you to consider ditching your jeans for good and joining us in our comfort revolution. We’ve highlighted five reasons why you should eliminate jean drama from you life and say hello to SweetLegs.

Increased Range of Motion
Have you ever tried to do the splits in a pair of jeans? The only thing that will be splitting is your inseam. With a four way stretch, SweetLegs move with you and not against you, so you can accomplish a series of high kicks without fear, or chase your children around the park like a limber maniac. If flexibility is your forte, try using SweetLegs at your next yoga session – the no-slip waistband will keep your SweetLegs in place while you rock your best bakasana pose.

You’ll be rocking the softest legs around because SweetLegs are made from a gorgeous brushed polyester spandex blend, which makes them breathable and exceptionally cozy. If your jeans are making you feel blue, slip into a pair of SweetLegs for an instant pick me up – you’ll feel like you’re not wearing anything! Dubbed the official ‘turkey pants’ by Thanksgiving lovers everywhere, SweetLegs have room to grow your food baby, so you can stop buying and wearing jeans that abandon you after every meal. Speaking of babies, SweetLegs make amazing maternity duds that will accommodate your blossoming belly. Once you’ve evicted your tiny tenant, marvel at the wonder that is your SweetLegs collection, because these leggings shrink right back down to pre-baby size with you.

It’s time to wave goodbye to the muffin top your jeans love to bake on your waist, because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Usher in a delicious new era of style with SweetLegs and delight in the waistband that sits beautifully at your natural waist, leaving your muffin top in the compost bin. Our poly-spandex blend hugs all of your curves like a second skin, and our broad range of sizes and prints means there’s a pair of SweetLegs for every-body.

SweetLegs aren’t just leggings – they’re a dexterous cornucopia of style. Can you wear one pair of jeans to bed as super comfortable pajama pants, out running errands with the kiddos, and then to the gym for a serious sweat session all in the same day? That’s a big no. If you’re rocking and owning SweetLegs, that’s a big yes! It doesn’t stop there – master the art of the flip and fold and turn any pair of SweetLegs into capris, doubling your style potential and keeping you cool in warmer weather. SweetLegs are easy to dress up for a night out on the town or dress down for a casual day on the patio. If you’re going on vacation, SweetLegs are the perfect travel companion because they take up minimal room in your luggage and are easy to wash and quick to air dry. If you’re headed to a tropical destination, consider SweetLegs for your travel outfit. You can keep them full length when leaving a cooler climate, and then flip and fold them into capris when you arrive at your sunny destination.

Price Point
Your average pair of jeans will run you upwards of $100, and that’s just wacky in our books. If you’re going to spend $100, why not get four pairs of SweetLegs? That’s four new wardrobe items for you to dress up or down, and if you consider the versatility of each pair, you’ve got way more than four new pairs of pants – you have a brand new wardrobe!

Comfort AND style!

If you’ve ditched your jeans, tell us why! Leave a comment below and join the conversation.


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