Attention Moms: You Need a Night Out with Your Girlfriends

Can you remember the last time you went out with your girlfriends and painted the town red? If the answer is no, you’re not alone.

A study has found that the average mother has approximately 17 minutes of free time to herself during the day, and shockingly none of it is used for dancing. Mothers also statistically have a harder time maintaining and keeping friendships after the birth of their children because so much time and energy is focused on their families. It’s time to rekindle those relationships, get off Facebook, and spend a night outside of the house. Call on your partner, a trusted family member, or your favorite responsible babysitter because it’s time for a Mom’s Night Out, and here’s why you need it.

A break from your responsibilities is just what the doctor ordered.


It Will Make You a Better Mom

Being a parent is an amazing sacrifice and you’re kicking ass and taking names, but there’s nothing wrong with needing a break. It’s so important to let your hair down and re-connect with the woman you put in the corner when you became a Mom.  One of the hardest parts of parenting is losing your identity as individual and falling into the routine of putting yourself last. Taking care of yourself allows you to take care of your family – if you burn out, it will eventually trickle down and affect your children and other members of your household. A Mom’s Night Out refreshes your perspective and allows you to release some stress by letting loose with your ladies.


Work hard, play hard.

You’ve Earned It

This point may be blatantly obvious, but it’s important that we reiterate it, and that you hear it from someone else besides the inner monologue you converse with on a daily basis. You deserve a night out, plain and simple. Not just half a night where you come home at 10 pm – you need an entire night out where you come home after brunch – brunch that you didn’t have to share! You’re perpetually exhausted anyway, so you might as well make a night of it and get down with your bad self. Split a hotel room with your girlfriends to keep costs down, or use your Airmiles from years of shopping for your ungrateful minions and get one for free. Shacking up in bed with a lady friend is a thousand times better than being kicked in the ribs and head all night by your children. Check in at 3 pm and pop a bottle while getting glammed up without anyone trying to “help”.

Time to pull out those fancy clothes you never wear in fear of sticky hands leaving prints. 

You Get to Dress Up

Regardless of whether you’re into a more natural look or you’re the bombshell at school pick up, going out with your girlfriends for an evening of dancing calls for some pampering and glam time. Unearth your curling iron from the crypts of your bathroom because it’s time to do your hair – no buns allowed (unless the curling session goes wrong – no judging). Spend a good chunk of time getting ready and focus on yourself.  If getting glam isn’t your style, take some time to relax before your evening gets wild. Tonight you’re not a Mom – your name is Baby Houseman and you want to dance with somebody.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy wine.

You Get to Eat a Nice Dinner

Dinner and drinks before dancing is a must and it would be sacrilege to skip it. We know it’s pretty rare to have a nice sit-down meal without someone screaming, throwing food, arguing, whining, complaining, and stealing your food (honestly, the list is endless). Tired of cold macaroni and cheese between doing grade five discovery math problems you can’t seem to figure out (what is this sorcery)?  Grab your ladies, go sit in the lounge, and order some appetizers and drinks. Heck, order whatever you want and don’t share. You’re not rushed, and you can linger as long as you want because tonight you are free. Save some room for McDonald’s or street hot dogs at 1 am, also known as mandatory second  party dinner.

Dancing all night is a slam dunk



It’s Great Exercise

According to Harvard Health, 1.5 hours of dancing burns around 500 calories. What Harvard Health didn’t factor in was whether or not you’d be wearing high heels and the amount of booty shakin’ and grindin’ that would be happening in said high heels, so you’re probably going to burn off at least five pounds. Consider this an extension of your New Year’s resolution – we always knew you’d keep it.  Congratulations!




Sistahs before mistahs

You Need Your Friends, and Your Friends Need You

Parenting is hard enough on it’s own, and it’s even harder without a tribe of women to back you up and keep you sane. No one truly understands the struggles of adulting quite like your friends – they provide a judgement-free zone where you can truly be authentic.  If the thought of coordinating multiple schedules seems like a daunting task, plan your Mom’s Night Out a few months in advance – just make it happen, no excuses. Communicating via phone, e-mail, text messaging and social media is a great way to stay in touch, but it doesn’t allow you to connect like a child-free evening filled with drinks and dancing. Party on, sisters!

Are you planning a girl’s night out? Have you had one recently? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it.









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