Distributor of the Week: Aeleisha Brooks

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Name: Aeleisha Brooks
Location: Regina, Saskatchewan
Start Date: October 2016

SL: Tell us why you decided to join the Sweetest team around?

AB: It’s hard to admit, but I started with SweetLegs entirely for financial reasons. Both my significant other and I work full-time but we were finding it very hard to make ends meet. It was getting harder to pay bills so creditors were calling us; we were going to the grocery store less and less; and life was just beyond stressful. I knew we needed supplemental income but it was challenging to find a job that worked around my hectic schedule (I do lots of traveling around Saskatchewan). It was around this time I heard about SweetLegs and it seemed perfect for me because I could make my own hours and there wasn’t a ton of distributors around me. I applied and was so excited that I was approved. The only issue was I vastly underestimated the true cost of starting up a business. I could barely make ends meet let alone get a business off the ground. After months of “thinking about it” I finally took loans from my family and made the plunge. I’ll never forget after I placed my first order – I actually sat in my car and cried because I was so nervous! Here I was with no business background at all and I had just spent more on leggings than I had on clothes for myself in the last 4 years combined! It was a huge investment and risk but I’m so thankful I took the chance.

SL: How has your journey as a SweetLegs Distributor impacted your life?

AB: I think the obvious answer would be the money. I don’t even want to think about where I would be without this additional income! In fact, at the start I was in such a bad place that after events I would take my profits out of my cash box and literally drive right to the grocery store to buy food. This process has really taught me the importance of supporting local and revolutionized how I spend my money. But honestly, it’s turned into something so much more than just a source of income! I have fallen in love with business and am in fact transitioning to be an entrepreneur in 2018. Coming from a psychology background, that’s a huge shift but I am so excited to do this. I can say without a doubt that I would never have discovered that passion had I not done this business. And finally, the impact of being in a body-confident environment has been huge! Around the same time I had joined as an ID I had lost about 70 pounds – I was struggling more than ever with my body image. Being a SweetLegs ID means that you wear bright skin-tight pants day in and day out. At first, I was really self conscious but now I actually feel so proud of how great I feel in them.

SL: Tell us something about yourself that others may not know?

AB: As of October 2017, I am a published scientific author! I was one of the first people to examine the link between being outdoors and the effect on stress, anxiety, and depression. There have been some studies to find a general link between outside and happiness, but no one really looked at more “clinical” emotions. We also wanted to see if being outside in winter made people happy too – our theory was that if participants could still report happiness after a long walk in the dead of January in Saskatchewan, there really is something to this whole outdoors thing. This has been a project that I’ve worked on since 2013 and I’m really excited to contribute to the scientific community.

SL: What is your secret skill?

AB: I am amazing at public speaking! I can walk into (almost) any crowd and enjoy being a presenter. It’s funny because as a kid if I had to do a speech in class I would be up all night throwing up and stressing out. Oh, and I can wiggle my boob on command. I don’t know which one is more impressive.

SL: What is your most memorable customer interaction?

AB: Last Christmas season I did a show in a small farming community outside Regina. There was a lady there that loved the prints but refused to try them on. She claimed she was “too old and too fat” which is always so heartbreaking to hear. She left the show but came back a few hours later because she couldn’t stop thinking about them. Eventually I persuaded her to try two pairs on – Graphite because it’s neutral, and Electro Pop (a bright purple print) because that’s the one she loved the most. A few minutes later she comes parading out of the bathroom (Electro Pop on) head held high, and walked through the entire show with a huge smile on. She loved them! She didn’t even want the try on the “safe” print because she absolutely loved her “loud” print. In fact, she needed the size down and learned that dressing in big baggy clothes often makes you look larger than you are. I loved that interaction not because it was a sale, but because she really learned some self-acceptance that day.

“It’s more than making sales; it’s about building a genuine relationship.”

SL: Share an amazing SweetLegs story with us!

AB: I was the only person in Saskatchewan to participate in the first ever SweetLegs conference. Because of my financial troubles I really wasn’t sure if I should go, but eventually I was convinced. The conference actually coincided with my 25th birthday – I’ll never forget a whole team of amazing people singing me happy birthday on a boat in the Okanagan. I don’t often make a big deal out of my birthday so it was really cool to have a moment where I felt so loved and appreciated.

SL: How many donuts can you eat in one sitting? This is really important.

AB: I feel like I can take on anyone in a donut eating contest. Except for Boston Cremes…those can go away forever.

SL: Have you learned any lessons from running your own SweetLegs business? Any advice for future entrepreneurs? 

AB: Be organized. Seriously, keep track of what you’re spending. Don’t be like me and stress out at tax time because you weren’t organized. Keep up-to-date books and everything will be a lot easier. But beyond the traditional business advice, I really encourage people to be authentic in their relationships with their customers. I try really hard to show all my customers who I am and get to know them too. It’s more than making sales; it’s about building a genuine relationship. Don’t take it so seriously all the time – relax and have fun! You’re going to meet some amazing people along the way.

SL: What makes your life Sweet?

AB: Well, I’m not yet at the stage where I have kids but do I have a great little family! I’ve been with my significant other since high school and he’s the best thing that ever happened to me. He’s the behind the scenes guy that doesn’t nearly get enough credit. He loads up my car for events, cleans the house, shoves pizza into my mouth when I’m literally too busy working to eat, and always gives me advice. He’s also amazing at telling me when to stop – I’m a hardcore overachiever who will often work to the bone. He’s the one who will often tell me when it’s time to quit and go to bed or take some time away. I am also blessed with an amazing extended family, who like I said earlier, I never would have been able to do this without their support. My sister-in-law has been a lifesaver! She comes to almost all my shows, hauls bins, brings me coffee (even though she doesn’t drink it), and keeps me company. I couldn’t do nearly the amount of events that I do without her. And of course my beautiful golden retriever, Breena. She’s the reason my house is never clean and full of hair but I wouldn’t trade it for a second. She’s the sweetest little pup who never leaves my side and just wants belly rubs all day long.

You can connect with SweetLegs Regina with Aeleisha on Facebook . Find Aeleisha and all her SweetLegs at the Henry Braun Craft & Trade Show on October 21.


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