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Name: Pippin Fazeli
Location: Delta, B.C.
Start Date: July 2015

SL: Tell us why you decided to join the sweetest team around and grace us with your awesomeness?

PF: I was pregnant with my twins and needed something comfortable. I found a Distributor in White Rock and fell in LOVE with SweetLegs. They were literally the only thing I could wear as my stomach grew to 51 inches at 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant with twins! I gained 97 pounds in my pregnancy, and as my body changed it was hard at times to feel confident. I was so impressed with the quality, and I wore the same SweetLegs as I went through postpartum. They stretched so much with my belly and then fit with no issues as I transitioned back to my new normal body post-pregnancy. I was comfortable, looked fashionable and was confident in my clothing – even though my body was going through such a huge transition!

SL: How has your journey with SweetLegs impacted your life?

PF: SweetLegs has given me the most incredible opportunity and that is time: time with my three girls. I started wearing SweetLegs while I was pregnant with my twins and fell in love. Being an Independent Distributor has allowed me to financially stay home with my three young daughters. I can be there to take my oldest to school and pick her up while being able to provide for extra curricular activities and not worry about the cost. I have also been able to pay for my Master’s classes at University. I was able to trade in my SUV that our family of five grew out of and buy a Honda Odyssey van which is much more comfortable. Not only do I have the time for my family and financial security, I also have met an amazing community. I have connected with so many people in my neighbourhood that I would not know if I didn’t distribute SweetLegs. I have made life long friends with customers, have new friends for my daughters, and a huge support network in my community. The SweetLegs team of people are a big part of my life too and I’m forever grateful for the opportunities I’ve been provided with by being an Independent Distributor of SweetLegs!

“I love being challenged! I make monthly personal and business goals for myself. I strive to do better each month and find the positives in every situation. Life isn’t always easy, but with a positive/healthy outlook on life, good things will come!”

SL: What is your secret skill?

PF: I listen! I listen to my customers and try and meet their needs. I’m not pushy and share the body-positive message of SweetLegs, which helps people fall in love with their bodies and SweetLegs; listening to their needs and wants helps me find what they’re really looking for.

SL: What is your most memorable customer interaction?

PF: I was at a home party last Christmas and I had a lady attending that didn’t think SweetLegs would fit. I gently encouraged her to try on a pair. She eventually did and came out of the bedroom beaming. She was thrilled!! The fit was amazing and she felt great! She has since become a great friend of mine and a huge supporter of my business. I will never forget the look on her face when she came out of the bedroom jumping up and down!

SL: Share an amazing SweetLegs story with us?

PF: There’s so many amazing stories I could share – so finding just one is challenging. The most recent story I can share is going to the first annual conference. I met the most amazing women from across the country that were all brought together because of SweetLegs. The owners have built so much more than a brand! SweetLegs has created a group of individuals that are genuine, kind, and supportive!  At conference you could feel the emotional connection will all made instantly on the first night, through the seminars, the wine tours, the dinner, the boat cruise and after. The SweetLegs Conference not only brought all of us together, but allowed us to learn and grow – it was amazing and I am forever grateful!


SL: Have you learned any lessons from running your own SweetLegs business? Any advice for future SweetLegs entrepreneurs?

PF: It takes time to build your business. I absolutely love SweetLegs and share my story on how I found them with anyone who is interested in listening. With my passion for SweetLegs and ability to talk and listen to others I’ve made many great connections in my community. Be patient with yourself and growing your business. Get your name out there and always be available to your customers. I highly suggest having all the latest and greatest prints, posting often on your SweetLegs page and Instagram account, be professional, address issues promptly, keep close track of your inventory and start collecting the appropriate taxes right from the start! Most importantly have fun and wear SweetLegs whenever possible!

SL: Ok, time for a real hard-hitting question. Everyone wants to know: how many donuts can you eat in one sitting?

PF: 6 – I was pregnant and they were delicious!


SL: What makes your life Sweet?

PF: My three daughters 💖 They’re my everything!!


You can find Pippin and all her SweetLegs at the StreetFood Vancouver Fest on September 10, and you can connect with SweetLegs Delta with Pippin on Facebook 


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