Distributor of the Week: Gabrielle Sampson

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Name: Gabrielle Sampson
Location: Fort Nelson, British Columbia
Start Date: June 2016

What’s your SweetLegs Story?

I had friends back home raving about this new company (Sweetlegs) and I had moved so far across the country and to the North that I didn’t have anyone selling them here (or any clothing store for that matter). At the same time with the down turn of the economy in Northern BC, I couldn’t find a job. With my husband’s help I started selling Sweetlegs, and I have been selling for a year and a half now and love it!

How has being a SweetLegs Distributor impacted your day-t0-day life?

Moving to a town with less then 3000 people was very different being from Ottawa. Selling SweetLegs allowed me to make new friends and join new groups. It gave me a way to go meet people and be social. After having a baby I was not the most comfortable in my body, but everyone keep telling me I looked great, and they wanted the leggings I was wearing. I have given so many woman in this town something other then sweatpants and jeans to wear. To see them come back more confident in their own body and to rave about me and this brand has been amazing.

Tell us something exciting about yourself that others may not know?

If I could I would spend my life traveling, but sadly there are bills and other commitments, so here I stay. On the plus side, if I need to do any kind of shopping we need to travel, so living this far is a bonus for me.

What is your most memorable customer interaction?

If they ever read this they will know right away who I am talking about. I have a gentleman who buys Sweetlegs, and when I first meet him I remember thinking that he was pretty cool guy – very outside the box and just full of energy. I sold him on his first pair because of how soft they are, and I remember he was sure his wife would love rubbing his legs wearing SweetLegs. This was over a year ago, and now both wife and husband shop with me and he picks the patterns and they share the pairs they buy. I love when they shop with me and seriously look up to them as a couple.

If you could be any animal in the world, what would you choose and why?

A dog – I can run anywhere, still get love and attention, but no chores or cooking.

Share an amazing SweetLegs story with us?

I live in a very back country town where jeans and t-shirts are appropriate for work, and it has been a hard market to push leggings on. Every time I get someone new to try SweetLegs they seem to always come back either to tell me I was right and they are amazing or to buy more. Sometimes they even run home, put them on, and come back and buy 3 more pairs. According to my fellow market vendors, I sell the best addiction in town (I am totally ok with that).

What makes your life Sweet?

My kid and my husband. OHHH and the mountains I live by and see every day, and northern lights every night.

You can connect with SweetLegs Fort Nelson with Gabrielle on Facebook . Find Gabrielle and all her SweetLegs at the Winter Market in Fort Nelson, Wednesday from 5-8 and Saturday 10-2.




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