Distributor of the Week: Rejeanne Appelman

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Name: Rejeanne Appelman
SweetLegs Nickname: Queen of Leg Selfies
Location: Grimsby, Ontario
Start Date: Nov 14, 2014

SL: Why did you choose SweetLegs? P.S. – we’re super glad you did! 

RA: I chose SweetLegs because it was an exciting new product that offered so many variations of comfy outfits for every type of woman. Stay at home moms could look fashionable and working moms could be classy and cozy all day. The fun new prints made working out and yoga way more interesting and we didn’t have anything like it here in the Niagara Area.

SL: How has being an Independent Distributor for SweetLegs impacted your life?

RA: SweetLegs has given me the flexibility to earn an income and work around my children’s busy schedules. SweetLegs has also given me the opportunity to become more independent and passionate about helping woman of all sizes feel good about themselves. I love to help people put sweet outfits together and I am known for giving my customers a personal shopping experience!

SL: Tell us something exciting about you that others may not know – we love secrets!

RA: My favourite pastime and passion is my new found love for rowing and collecting Starbucks mugs from around the world 🌎

My favourite quote is “Nevertheless she persisted“.

SLWhat’s your secret skill? Besides taking amazing leg selfies, of course. 

RA: My Secret Skill is that I can fold a fitted sheet perfectly 😉

SL: What is your favourite SweetLegs print?

RA: My favourite print is our Signature print T.G.I.F!

SL: What is your most memorable customer interaction?

RA: My most memorable customer is 91 years young! She is the perfect example of how to live a wonderful and authentic life. She loves the wild prints and definitely “rocks it & owns it” on a daily basis. She stays active by walking, doing yoga, and enjoys the way SweetLegs make her feel young. I actually laugh when people say “I’m too old for SweetLegs”- she always pops into my head and it makes me smile.


SL: Do you have an inspirational SweetLegs story you can share with us?

RA: I have had many Inspirational moments with SweetLegs. The most frequent one is watching my customers go from wearing Plus to One Size – then some to Petite. Being able to watch someone during their weight loss journey is truly inspiring to me. SweetLegs gives them the option of wearing something cozy, fashionable and even inspires them with our fun prints so they feel good and look good! SweetLegs look fabulous on all sizes and shapes of women because of the quality and unique designs. I like that I can rely on the versatility to make my customers happy.

SL: What makes your life Sweet?

RA: I enjoy every day waking up to my sweet life. Some days are challenging and hectic but I can’t imagine my life without SweetLegs. I look forward to watching the company continue to grow and I am excited to see all of the amazing Signature prints we will be offering to all of our sweet customers. 


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