Distributor of the Week – Katherine McIntosh

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Name: Katherine McIntosh
Location: Burlington, ON
Start Date: October 16, 2015

SL: You’ve been writing amazing travel articles for the SweetLegs Community, but we’d love to get to know you better! Why did you choose to join the sweetest team around?

KM: When your best friend turns to you with excitement that she’s now selling “leggings” you want to do everything you can to support her – except actually wear them. I was super self conscious about my post-baby body and there was no way I was going to look good in SweetLegs. 5 months later my bestie finally threw a pair of Sweet Camo at me and forced me try them on. It was love at first “try”.  I applied to be a distributor right after and I have been throwing pairs of Sweet Camo at weary friends ever since.

SL: How has being a SweetLegs Independent Distributor impacted your life?

KM: SweetLegs is now my full time gig and I can seriously say I love my job. Not only does it allow me to follow my true passion of traveling the world, but I have the ability to work my business anywhere. I have answered customers messages while sitting in Hyde Park in London, placed launch orders from Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and taken marketing photos along the coast of Ireland.

SL: Tell us something exciting about yourself that others may not know!

KM: I have the ability to use quotes from the show FRIENDS in every aspect of my daily life.

SL: What is your most memorable customer interaction?

KM: When I was a new distributor I had a customer stop by to shop, and as she was leaving she told me to text her when new patterns come out. The next launch was our holiday line and 14 patterns were released, so I sent her a text and she popped by. She bought all 14 and told me to let her know when news one came in. I continued to do this and she continued to pop by to pick up. Two years later and she still buys every pattern that comes out. She is the most stylish lady I know and I regularly take fashion advice from her. My whole family knows her and my kids will coming running downstair when they see her vehicle pull into the driveway. We often joke that she has more SweetLegs in her closest than I have in my shop.

SL: Share an amazing SweetLegs story with us!

KM: My Mom was hesitant to try SweetLegs, and it took me a few weeks to convince her to humour me. I carefully selected 4 patterns for her to try and I took them over to her house and said “whatever you like you can keep and just give the others back – just give them a chance.” The next day I ran into my dad and he tells me “Mom tried on her SweetLegs, and she is keeping all 4.” She’s been one of my biggest supporters ever since.


SL: Now for the most important question, how many donuts can you eat in one sitting?

KM: Hand me a full box of Krispy Kreme and that sucker is coming back empty.

SL: Do you have any advice for future SweetLegs entrepreneurs?

KM: Don’t be afraid to take chances. Nothing great happens to anyone inside their comfort zone.

SL: What makes your life Sweet?

KM: My 2 children keep my life filled with love and joy, but my amazing husband is the brightest spot in my life.

You can connect with SweetLegs Burlington with Katherine on Facebook .
You can find her and her SweetLegs at the Appleby Line Street Festival on September 24 in Burlington.


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