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Name: Thelma Giotis
Location: Whitby, Ontario
Start Date: September 2016

SL: What’s your SweetLegs Story?

TG: I am a stay at home mom of two kids, ages 7 and 9. Right before starting my business I had been out of the corporate world for 5 years, and both my kids were in school full time. My days were filled with cleaning the house, (oh the cleaning), starting projects that I just wanted to give up on half way through, laundry, and volunteering a lot in the school. I loved my life as a stay at home mom and truly appreciated being financially stable enough to be able to stay home with the kids on my husbands income – I was truly blessed – but I still felt that something was missing. Life became the same every day routine and I needed something new, something just for me, but I had no idea what that was. In the late Summer of 2016 I went to a friends house for a leggings party. She just raved about them, and I had no idea what to expect.  I knew that back to school was coming and I needed leggings for my daughter, and my friend mentioned matching Mommy & Me sets, so why not. Side note, she is also my daughters Godmother so I felt  obligated to attend (just kidding..a little). Anyways, I show up at this party and there were about 10 ladies in attendance. Leggings everywhere! Every type of prints/pattern/size. I was thinking, “what the heck is happening!” I tried on a pair and looked into the mirror and thought, “you go girl, you are rocking these leggings!!” I purchased 4 pairs for myself and 4 for my daughter that day. I tend to be a thinker and observer, and I watched and listened to the ladies at the party just relaxing and sitting back, enjoying some refreshments and talking. A bunch of moms that got a break from their everyday to just talk with other moms. Instantly, a light bulb went off in my head! “This… this is what I am missing!” The conversations with other adults that I used to have when I went into the office had disappeared from my life, and now I was home alone talking to walls and myself – it’s not who I am. I was lost and I thought that this could be what I needed. A few weeks later I applied to be a Distributor and BINGO, here I am!

SL: How has being a SweetLegs Independent Distributor impacted your life?

TG: I found myself again. I found the confidence I lost putting my everything, my whole me, into my husband and kids. You get there very easily by convincing yourself that this is what it is supposed to be about, but SweetLegs has shown me that it can be about me too. I have met some wonderful ladies over this past year, both customers and a strong network of other supportive women across Canada spreading the love of SweetLegs. Getting to be a part of something that is helping ladies feel great about putting on a BOLD print and saying, “look at me!!!” is so amazing. Meeting new people, talking to people and hearing their stories – it just connects you to your community. You are not just on social media, you are not behind a desk staring at a computer screen, you are in the comfort of your own home selling a product that makes women feel beautiful regardless of their height, weight, size, shape, or background. It’s a product that fits us all in some way.

“Meeting new people, talking to people and hearing their stories – it just connects you to your community.”

SL: Tell us something exciting about yourself that others may not know?

TG: I love to cook! My son says I should go on Master Chef because he loves every single thing that I make. Adorable really; I think he is just growing and would eat anything in front of him.

SL: What is your secret skill?

TG: Not so much a secret if you know me, but my organizational skills are fantastic! I can organize anything! For example I can put leaves in about 10 different categories and make them look nice, LOL. If you ever attend a party or function that I have been a part of organizing you will know what I mean. I look over every single little detail as I want everyone to have the BEST time! I believe the important things come in the smallest of details.

SL: What is your most memorable customer interaction?

TG: I had a customer who contacted me and she was unsure if she would fit into our Plus Size SweetLegs. I recommended she stop by and try them on before she purchased them as I wanted her to love them. She refused by saying, “I would be too embarrassed if they didn’t fit, I will just give them away if they don’t fit.” My heart just sank. She picked them up and took them home, and I was not sure if I would hear from her again. She contacted me one hour later and sent me a picture of her in her SweetLegs and said, “these make me feel so amazing, thank you!” She was back 3 times over the next few weeks picking up different prints! It put a smile on my face because I was providing this lovely lady a product that helped her see the beauty in herself, all because of a pair of SweetLegs. It’s really crazy if you think about it.

SL: Share an amazing SweetLegs story with us?

TG: I have a customer that is awesome! She brought in a friend to my SweetShop who also became a customer of mine and hosted a party for me at her work place. She became a regular and every time she came by always with a smile on her face and such a pleasure to deal with. This past week she applied to be a Distributor and was approved!! Hay!! She was so worried that I would be offended or hurt, and I was the total opposite, we talked about it, I answered questions she had and she made the decision to come on board. It felt awesome to know that maybe my personality or my business  helped another strong woman become a part of this awesome team.

SL: Have you learned any lessons from running your own SweetLegs business? Any advice for future entrepreneurs?

TG: I have learned quite a bit. I have taken time to understand prints and patterns that work for the demographic in my community based on past sales of similar prints/coloured leggings. I have learned that I can be more than just a mom and when I take the time to do something for myself, and I am a better version of me. I have learned that every woman is beautiful in every shape and form and allowing that inner beauty shine through is all we need. Oh and my SweetLegs- they are my pants!!! My advice to any future entrepreneurs is it’s not about failing at this, its about trying something new and be open to where the path can lead you. Make it work for your life! It’s not a race to see who sells the most or books the most events, it’s about finding that balance in your life where you can be the best you and be a part of something SWEET!

SL: What makes your life Sweet?

TG: My family is my life! My husband and kids are the best thing I have ever been a part of. I didn’t grow up with very much and I started working at age 14 to help my family financially. Although I had always prayed and hoped to meet and marry a good man one day, I could have never imagined meeting such a wonderful loving person. He looks at me today with the same look 12 years ago when we met and still thinks of me as beautiful even if I am in pyjamas, stained clothes from making dinner, or just a real hot mess. Its just a great feeling to know that someone loves you for you, and for the person you are on the inside. I have wanted children for as long as I can remember! Sometimes I watch my children as they are playing or even just sitting on the couch and can’t believe they are mine. That this wish, dream, prayer that I once had as a child and young adult, here it is, right in front of me, coming true. I always say, “I may not have all I want BUT I have EVERYTHING that I need”.

You can connect with SweetLegs Whitby with Thelma on Facebook . Find Thelma and all of her SweetLegs at the 7th Annual Vendors Fair on November 18.


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