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Jedi Training is one of the hottest attractions at Disney, and Participating in the Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is no easy task! Fear not – with these tips your Jedi will be able to master the force, make Yoda proud, and put their skills to the test to defeat the dark side! These are the Jedi training tips you are looking for!

Jedi Tip #1

Arrive Early! Depending on the time of year you will want to be at the gates to Hollywood studios anywhere from 1 hour (off season) to 2 hours (peak season) before the park opens.

If you are staying off Disney property: Do not go on a day that has Magic Hours in the morning. Guest who are staying at a Disney Property will be able to access the park 1 hour before you.

Jedi Tip #2

Once the rope drops you must get to the Indiana Jones OutPost. Enter the park – go left! Follow the crowd of parents and strollers (dead give-away)!

Jedi Tip #3

Your child must be with you to sign up. Don’t send them with Dad or Grandma to enjoy a ride while you wait in line, and there is no FastPass+ with this attraction. Early Jedi gets the lightsaber!

Jedi Tip #4 

You will be given options to return for Jedi Training, so know your fast passes. It’s better to have a few options in mind so you are prepared when it’s your turn. Cast members are really great at working around existing fast passes and dining reservations, however, as the morning goes you will have less choices.

Jedi Tip #5

You will need to check-in 30 minutes before your scheduled time. During this time your child will be given a robe and put in line to become a Jedi.

Jedi Tip #6

When you arrive at check-in you will see 2 lines forming, and the order goes from shortest to tallest. If your child has their heart set on duelling with Darth Vader, make sure they are in line 1 (the one closest to parent gathering area), but make no promises that they will get Darth Vader as it is up to the Disney Cast.

Jedi Tip #7

All young Jedi will march from the check-in area (Indiana Jones OutPost) to the Stage located next to the Star Tours Ride. Have one parent stay with kids and one parent claim a good spot at the stage. A large crowd of friends and family will follow the in-training Jedi as they walk to the stage.

Jedi Tip #8

There is a lower and upper stage, and typically the Jedi that are on the upper stage will fight Darth Vader, and the lower stage will fight The Seventh Sister. Choose your line wisely as mentioned in tip #6.

Jedi Tip #9

You must be at least 4 and no more that 12 to participate in Jedi Academy, and it can seem very real, so make sure to give a quick pep talk to your kiddos that it’s a fun activity. Everyone will practice the sequence as a group, and then each child will get a turn to duel with their adversary.


Jedi Tip #10

Once your Jedi’s training is complete, make sure to grab a photo pass from the photographer. The Disney photographers have great view points and take excellent photos.

Bonus Jedi Pro Tip:

If your child is celebrating a birthday make sure their button is visible – someone might make their day! Don’t leave the stage until your child does!

Have you had the pleasure of experiencing Jedi Training at Disney? Tell us about your experience below –
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