Distributor of the Week: Katrina Wilson

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Name: Katrina Wilson
Location: Langford, B.C.
Start Date: November, 2016

What’s your SweetLegs Story?

I fell in love with SweetLegs after having had my first baby in 2015. I applied to be a Distributor then, but the company wasn’t accepting new applications. I waited until I caught wind that spots were opening, and jumped at the chance! I figured there was no one better to sell them as I literally LIVE in SweetLegs and tell people everywhere I go about how amazing they are!!

How has being a SweetLegs Distributor impacted your day-to-day life?

I don’t worry so much about what I look like anymore. I have embraced my Mama body with all of its lumps, bumps, and curves. I love our motto of “Self Confidence is the Best Outfit. Rock It and Own It ” because it’s literally how I live my life. I have always been a confident person, but have never really loved my body. Now, my SweetLegs fit me no matter how my body is feeling that day. They hug my curves and make me feel beautiful!

Tell us something exciting about yourself that others may not know?

I have traveled to over 15 different countries and have lived and worked as a Registered Nurse in Australia!

What is your most memorable customer interaction?

I had an older customer come see me at a market last summer. She brought a friend of hers who was skeptical about wearing leggings due to her fear that they weren’t age appropriate. I encouraged the two of them to go to the washroom and try them on just to be sure. They came out laughing and so happy and danced around the market showing off their matching pairs they had purchased together! They told me they had been friends for over 50 years! I couldn’t stop smiling! Their spirits were contagious!

Do you have a favourite recipe you’d like to share?

We have a dish in our house that has become a staple since investing in our Insta Pot! Mongolian Beef! This is our favourite recipe!

Share an amazing SweetLegs story with us?

I have a customer who has become a friend of mine since meeting me through selling SweetLegs. I have been having a tough time lately suffering with PPD and she reached out to me and told me that I was one of her most favourite people she had met this year and that if I needed anyone or anything she was here for me. It brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t realize how SweetLegs could bring people together as much as they have over my last year as a Distributor!


What music are you listening to right now?

I love Portugal. The Man and The Chemical Brothers for the up beat feeling it gives me when I listen to them. I also really love old 60’s soul music cause it makes me feel at home and warm. When I met my husband, we both were pretty big into metal music and I still have a love for it, but once you have children anything loud and noisy on top of the noise level in the home already seems a bit counter intuitive!

What do you want other people to know about being a SweetLegs Distributor?

It is a WILD and crazy ride but the most rewarding thing I have ever done for myself and my family!

What makes your life Sweet?

My boys. My two year son Atticus, and my almost 4 month old baby boy, Rhodes and of course my ever faithful and supportive husband, Josh 🙂

Upcoming Events:

Victoria Health Show at Pearkes Arena on Jan 27th and 28th from 10-6 and 10-5 respectfully.

Victoria Womens Expo at Pearkes Arena on March 17th and 18th.


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