My Sweet Style: Leah Folks

Leah purchased her first pair of SweetLegs in February 2016 and was instantly hooked! As busy special needs mom, Leah’s SweetLegs have seen her through a 50 pound weight loss, and she loves matching her SweetLegs with her children. We loved seeing Leah’s “Sweet Stash” (she has 35 pairs!) and asked her to tell us about her Sweet Style!

SL: How would you describe your personal style?

LF: My personal style is casual and inspired by the chill vibe of relaxed west coast island life. I like to look fashionable without a lot of fuss. Effortless chic!!

SL: Why do you love SweetLegs? Do you have a favourite print?

LF: I love SweetLegs because they have really brightened up my wardrobe with pops of WOW! My passion is fashion and suddenly getting dressed and shopping is fun again! I always have a new favourite print, but Aqua Bloom and Eden are top of my list at the moment.

SL: Where do you shop for your tops and accessories? What’s your favourite store?

LF: Ardene and Warehouse One are two of my favourite stores to shop at for all of the extras. Both stores carry tons of cute tops and stylish accessories at a reasonable price!

SL: Which prints do you currently own?

LF: Adelaide, Aqua Bloom, Black Lace, Black Licorice, Blue Lagoon, Crimson Sugar, Dark Night, Eden, Everbloom, Everlasting, Floral Fire, Holly-Day, In A Flurry, London Fog, Modern Romance x2, Night Fall, Night Flower, Ophelia, Painted Lady, Pandora, Paper Flower, Pipers Cove, Poison Ivy, Raven, Rebel Heart, Rose Noir, Royal North, Secret Garden, Snow Leopard, Stone Flower, Sweet Sakura, Wanderlust, White Calavera, and Winterberry!

SL: How have SweetLegs inspired your self-confidence?

LF: SweetLegs have inspired my self confidence by making me look and feel amazing! I’m bolder with my colour choices and braver with my pattern selections now. All of the compliments about my outfits are an added bonus!

SL: Do you have any personal advice for ladies looking to Rock It & Own It like you?

LF: Wear whatever makes you feel good because it will translate to your outfit and your attitude. Happiness is essential and confidence is beautiful!!

Check out Leah’s Sweet Style! 


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