My Favourite SweetLegs

Your 2018 faves!

This month for #sweetlegsandme we asked you to share your most worn pair of SweetLegs from this past year. There was so much love for so many different prints, so we’ve compiled some images of the most loved prints below! Congratulations to Sam Yakimishen for WINNING a FREE pair of SweetLegs! Make sure you’re following our social media accounts to find out what next week’s theme will be and how to WIN your own SweetLegs by participating in #sweetlegsandme.

First up, there was no lack of love for floral patterns.
No stand-out print took the lead, but look at this gorgeous sea of flowers!

Next up, bright colourful prints kept popping up! SweetLegs fans LOVE their summery fun designs and little pops of colour. Rainbow Road definitely took the lead in this category.

Colour made it’s mark, but classic black, grey, and white prints got featured just as much!
We all love a good, wearable, match-with-anything pattern!

Then skulls made their move. Tainted Love, Knocked Out, Stone Cold-
even some older ones like Renegade got a mention!

Speaking of older prints, we saw a ton of love for old-school SweetLegs!
We’re thrilled to see you all rocking them year after year!

After that we noticed “space-y” patterns getting featured a ton as your favourite!
Out of this world!

Almost getting the win was Warm Hugs! That and Lady Amalthea made their mark,
proving your love for all things unicorn!

Oh Canada was the runner up! We’re combining 1.0 and 2.0 for these purposes,
because they are so similar and loved by so many!
And our winner with the most mentions was Timberland! We’re just thrilled to hear it’s so many people’s favourite print of 2018! Considering it’s release wasn’t until November, that’s a pretty impressive lead to take!

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