Katie W.

As a self-described SweetLegs super fan, Katie doesn’t let anything stop her from feeling confident in her own skin. Diagnosed five years ago with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in her ankle and leg, Katie chooses SweetLegs to stay stylish and comfortable .

How would you describe your personal style? Who is your style inspiration?

I would say my personal style is described as relaxed but still fashionable. I have always loved a good pair of jeans and a cute top; a gorgeous maxi skirt with a jean jacket; and a beautiful dress – but if I had to choose, I’d much rather wear leggings with a tunic top. SweetLegs are a perfect fit with my wardrobe! My style inspiration has been Lauren Conrad, Chelsea Houska DeBoer, Sadie Robertson, and Brie Bella just to name a few. I look to Instagram to get new looks and new inspiration!

Why do you love SweetLegs? Do you have a favorite print?

I absolutely love SweetLegs because of how comfortable they are and all the gorgeous, fun, and unique prints that are available! I have been fighting Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) for the past five years in my ankle and leg, so I’m definitely all about the comfort! I’ve had to sacrifice my style in order to be comfortable because of how bad my pain was, but now thanks to SweetLegs I don’t have to do that! I can still feel like I’m in my PJs but look so cute! My favorite print would have to be Everbloom, Her Elegance, or Tea for Two! It’s so hard to choose from so many gorgeous prints!

Where do you shop for your tops and accessories? What’s your favorite store?

The two shops I get most of my tops from are Maurice’s and LulaRoe, and for accessories it would definitely have to be Shop Wrenn. My favorite store would have to be Macy’s! I love getting my Celebrity Pink jeans from there and they have so many amazing brands for tops as well!

How has wearing SweetLegs inspired your self-confidence?

For a couple years my CRPS pain was so bad that all I could wear was loose PJ-type pants or shorts and a graphic tee. My style really suffered and so did my self-confidence. Once I found SweetLegs and bought my first pairs, I fell immediately in love! I didn’t expect SweetLegs to be so soft and so comfortable and look that amazing on! Even on my bad pain days, I could still “dress up” but still have all the comfort in the world, which truly meant the world to me! I was finally able to feel like my old self again with my style and fashion. I started to embrace and feel comfortable in my own skin thanks to SweetLegs!

I used to be to self-conscious about everything I wore before my pain condition, and now when I wear SweetLegs I know I look good and feel good – and that’s the most important part! I love that I can take a gorgeous print and make a unique outfit that’s all my own! If everyone had the same SweetLegs print it wouldn’t matter, because the best part is that you can put your own twist on your outfits and every person would look completely different!

Do you have any personal advice for ladies looking to Rock It & Own It?

My advice for anyone looking to Rock It & Own It would be to go for colors that you love and wear a lot – but don’t be afraid to push yourself and wear a print that you normally wouldn’t! Surprise yourself and you will like what you see! When you wear clothes that are comfortable and that look good on you, you feel better about yourself. SweetLegs isn’t just leggings, they are about making women feel good about themselves, feel pretty and comfortable, and bring women together! 

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