My Sweet Style Vol. 2

Shawna A.

Shawna looking fabulous in Super Brite.

Shawna may be one of our biggest fans, and we have no complaints! She loves to create outfits using SweetLegs, and her casual-chic style makes us say wow! We love her self confidence and hope you do too; This is Shauna’s Sweet Style!

How would you describe your personal style? Who is your style inspiration?

My favourite style is the 50s style; kind of Betty Paige inspired. But for my everyday style I lean towards comfort and fun. SweetLegs works perfectly for that!

Why do you love SweetLegs? Do you have a favourite print?

The crazier the print the better!!! I love the animal ones there have been so many fun ones recently, but my most favourite are Looking Sharp with the cacti.

Having a sweet summer in Meow Antoinette

Where do you shop for your tops and accessories? What’s your favorite store?

I buy my shirts from AdditionElle, Warehouse One and 42POPS on Zulily. There aren’t a lot of places for a plus size person to go but I always keep my eye out for solid coloured tunics and swing shirts. I don’t do a lot of accessorizing.

How have SweetLegs inspired your self-confidence?

I wear what ever I want, but whenever I am in SweetLegs I get so many compliments on them and the outfits I put together. It makes me feel great!

Love yourself first and do what makes you happy.
-Shawna A.


Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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