Marije is an interior designer and mother of three originally from Holland. Now living in British Columbia with her family, Marije has become a SweetLegs super fan with a huge collection of prints and loves to rock her SweetLegs daily. 

How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my style as casual with a touch of ‘je ne sais pas’; I like to mix it up. Some days I’m a bit more dressed up, and other days I’m more casual, but I always add something to it.  I’m an interior designer, so that’s where my focus goes, rarely into fashion, however they usually go hand in hand style wise and trend wise.

Tell us more about your career in interior design – what trends can we expect for fall?

Interior design doesn’t feel like work for me. I walk into an old house, or a gutted building and can see what the end result will be, and getting to see the visual come to life is amazing! I love helping people find their style through mood boards and then making sure their space resembles that.

As with fashion there are trends in interior design as well, and at the moment everything matte seems to be the way to go. For the fall there will be lots of structure – in wood, in fabric like velvet furniture. Deep rich colours will be the way to go with tones like dark green and bordeaux red.

Why do you love SweetLegs?

Obviously because they are so freakin’ comfy, but I love that you can wear them for any occasion. They are so easy to dress up or dress down.

What’s your favourite SweetLegs print?

From the pairs I own my favourite print is Method or Super Nova… although I also love Merry Merry – it’s like asking which of the 3 is my favourite kid!

Where do you shop for your tops and accessories?

My tops I usually get from Old Navy, Reitman or Penningtons. Accessories I get all over, Stella & Dot, markets, Etsy, etc.

How has wearing SweetLegs inspired your self confidence?

I really like how high-rise SweetLegs are. They make me feel good, as if that momma belly is gone; I can move and I get so many compliments on my SweetLegs! 

Do you have any advice for ladies who want to Rock It & Own It like you?

Just do it! I bought my first pair for yoga, then I bought a pair of Black Licorice, and now I don’t even want to count them! Pair them with a few dresses and it’s all I wear year round!  No matter your size, everyone can rock them!

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