Distributor of the Week: Natasia Ball

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Name: Natasia Ball
Location: Moncton, N.B.
Start Date: January, 2017

What’s your SweetLegs story?

I’ve always noticed other women in leggings and wanted to try a pair too, so I purchased a couple of pairs from a store and they were OK, but I wasn’t sold on them. One day my mom called me from work in Ottawa, really excited about a pair of “SweetLegs” her co-worker had her try on. I figured they must be pretty special if my non-legging -wearing mother was calling me in the middle of the day to tell me about them. I purchased a pair that evening from a local distributor and fell in LOVE! I was sold on the print I chose, the amazing quality, and above all how good they made me feel! I applied to be a Distributor a few days later!

How has being a SweetLegs Distributor impacted your life?

When I had applied to be an Independent Distributor, I went into it with the hopes of doing something fun to fill my days once my youngest started school. It has kept me busy and having fun, but it has also really transformed into so much more for me! Representing a company that empowers women to be confident has been so exciting! I’ve struggled throughout my life with having a positive body image, and I’m happy to say that I’ve come a long way over the past year and I’m learning to be proud of my body! I love it when a customer describes the same feeling to me that I had when I tried them for the first time!

Tell us something exciting about yourself that others may not know?

I have lived and traveled all over Canada. I have gained an amazing amount of experience and life skills from my adventures across our beautiful country, and a deep appreciation for the beauty and uniqueness every province has to offer. I could probably travel from Halifax to British Columbia by car without paying for any hotels since I’ve made some awesome friendships along the way!

What is your most memorable customer interaction?

I was headed into the bank one day wearing my Marvelous SweetLegs when I heard a voice shouting at me from the parking lot. I turned around and a woman sitting in her car waved me over. She wanted to know where I got my awesome pants! I smiled and told her they were SweetLegs and handed her a business card. She purchased a couple pairs from me shortly after and left me a 5 star rating and the following review on my page: “Er Meh Gerd… SweetLegs are hugs for bums…In Love with the velvety softness and patterns and yeah… I want them All!”

What is your secret skill?

I can keep one eyeball stationary and “wiggle” the other really fast. I used to creep everyone out with it when I was in school!

Share an amazing SweetLegs story with us?

When I became an Independent Distributor for SweetLegs I had the SWEETEST customer who would religiously purchase from every launch. I loved our chats on messenger and her genuine love for the brand, and always felt a connection to her. I was at an event in the Spring and she sent me a message that she had been accepted as a Distributor too! I was so happy to have someone else local to share events and be a teammate with, but I could have never imagined the bond and friendship it would turn in to. I know she always has my back, I can message her at 2 AM looking for a trade, and half the time she responds right away. I couldn’t have picked a better “SweetSister” myself!

“I would like to have the power to pause time to get things done! I love being on top of my work and chores, but I never have enough time in the day to get everything done!”


What do you want others to know about being a SweetLegs Independent Distributor?

There is a direct correlation between the time and energy you put into your SweetLegs business and what you get out of it. My most successful months have been when I’m hustling non-stop and getting very little sleep. I’m slowly learning the balance of working hard to make good sales and still taking time I need for everything else.

What makes your life Sweet?

My family, especially my children, make my life SWEET! They put up with my crazy-hectic schedule and “get” it when my time is spread thin. My kids come with me to almost all of my events are super helpful and never complain! I’m a very lucky Momma!

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