Distributor of the Week: Sarah Romano

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Name: Sarah Romano
Location: Windsor, Ontario
Start Date: April 2017

What’s your SweetLegs Story?

I lived in leggings, but I could not find a pair that was comfortable, didn’t slide, roll down, and wasn’t see-through. I got my first pair from my mom at Christmas last year and loved them! I found a Distributor in my area to host a party because I love getting freebies. I had so much fun viewing and trying on all of the SweetLegs Wendy had. After she left, my husband said, “she just made such-and-such amount in 2 hours, why don’t you look into that?!” I thought, “there’s no way I could do that”, but I continued to think about it all night and sent in an application the following morning. Thank goodness another Distributor was needed! We started outgrowing our apartment and found a house, and now I have my own SweetLegs room to work from.

How has being a SweetLegs Distributor impacted your day-to-day life?

I’ve become more open and outgoing with my fashion and personality. Being able to meet a ton of new people that have similar interests is a refreshing change from the friends I had in my twenties. I can pay off my credit card and still have money in the bank. We’re able to plan a nice anniversary trip this year to Las Vegas and I can still afford to go to the 2018 SweetLegs Distributor Conference! This has been the best thing that has happened to me. My life was getting quite boring working steady days with nothing to fill the time in the evenings, and now I hardly have any spare time!

Tell us something exciting about yourself that others may not know?

I’m great at combining leftovers into wonderful meals! I haven’t had time to make too many fancy dinners lately, so this skill has come in handy to feed a hungry husband!

What is your most memorable customer interaction?

Getting a customer out of her comfort zone of Black Licorice SweetLegs and into a pattern (Windsong) – and it was a Petite Size to boot – when she’s only ever purchased the One Size. She was very happy to see that they fit!

Do you have a favourite recipe you’d like to share?

Buffalo Chicken Dip

  • 4 cans of flaked chicken
  • 3 bricks of cream cheese
  • 1 bag of mozzarella
  • 1 bottle of ranch dressing
  • As much hot sauce as you like!

Heat in the oven to melt the cheese and keep warm in a crockpot. Serve with crackers, chips, or veggies for dipping.

Share an amazing SweetLegs story with us?

I set up a table in the vendor hallway at the local hospital that I work at on Black Friday. I had a 20% off everything sale and still made over $3000!

What makes your life Sweet?

My husband and mother, they help with events when I need it!


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