Distributor of the Week: Taylor Hammer

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Name: Taylor Hammer
Location: Salmon Arm, BC
Start Date: December, 2014

What’s your SweetLegs story?


I was 6 months pregnant and I started to hear rumblings about these soft leggings. I started seeing them around town, and my cousin and her daughters rocked them, so naturally I was curious. My best friend bought me a pair for my birthday, and I refused to buy maternity wear (because who really wants to buy clothes that only fit for a few months) so I wore them everyday. I visited my local ID (Shout out to Shelly who is an awesome lady) in the summer of 2014 and bought another pair – I was hooked. I bought a few more and loved them, even wearing them to the hospital, in labour, and then out of the hospital and to a wedding the same day. I heard that Shelly was moving so I applied for her position because I knew this opportunity would probably have a huge waiting list. I had a little baby so I wanted something like this to work around my new schedule and I got it! I was over the moon! I placed my first order middle of December and I had my package on Christmas Eve! I remember having people come over that first day and I never looked back. Three years later I am more in love with the company, product, and customers that have become like a family to me.


How has being a SweetLegs ID impacted your day-to-day life?

Woah, SweetLegs changed my life in so many fundamental ways! I had become a mother, wife, and mother again in such a short amount of time that I was pretty lost. I was figuring out my new body, family and just myself. I then found these amazing SweetLegs that I could grown or shrink in. I didn’t have to worry about if I felt bloated or queasy, they fit my busy mom life. From drop off to work, to yoga, to running, they moved and grooved with me. I am so grateful to not feel shame from my pants; jeans feel like aliens on my legs now.

If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be and why?

Anyone who knows me won’t be surprised, but an Orca, because they are the greatest animal. They have their society figured out.

Tell us something exciting about yourself that others may not know?

We are planning to have a litter of bunnies (lop earred, lion head rabbits) in the near future!

What is your most memorable customer interaction?

It has happened a couple of times with a handful of amazing ladies. They touch the SweetLegs when I sell them at shows or events and they refuse to try them on because, “I dont have a leggings appropriate body”. I say, “You have the body you have. Love it, care for it and enjoy your skin.” These hella-soft leggings changed my mind on what comfort is. It isn’t what others think looks comfortable, but what I think is comfortable. I say, “If you want to try a pair on, that is ok with me.” Then they take a pair, try them on and come out BEAMING! “THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE!!” *Rubbing legs in glee*
“You have the body you have. Love it, care for it and enjoy your skin.”

Share an amazing SweetLegs story with us?

I took $2 from each sale starting in September and put it is a piggy bank until December and used those profits to sponsor a family at Christmas. It was so lovely to give a family a dinner and some Christmas presents for their kids. I remember having that when I was a kid and it was just so beautiful to see those parents light up. I will for sure be doing that for years to come.

What is your favourite store to purchase tops and accessories for your SweetLegs?

Winners mostly, and local merchants and makers like BroKBoys and Buttercream Clothing.

What makes your life Sweet?

My family and friends make my life sweet. A perfect day is either at my mother-in-law’s house around Christmas because our family is surrounding me, or Roots and Blues in the summer because there’s not much better than music, friends, family and a good beer. Add a dip in the Shuswap Lake (or any lake) and I am in heaven.

Upcoming Events:

May 5th: Spring Fling at The Gathering Place
350 30ST SE, Salmon Arm
9 AM – 2 PM

You can connect with
SweetLegs Salmon Arm with Taylor on Facebook.


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