Throwback Thursday: Urban Camo

Now You See Me
Now You Don’t

#TBT Urban Camo

Arguably one of the most coveted SweetLegs prints ever, Urban Camo was released in March 2016 and was quickly put on legs nationwide faster then it could be replenished. This military inspired print was loved for its gender neutral black and grey shades making it super easy to wear, and it quickly became a fan favourite that is still requested today! Dressed up or down, Urban Camo could be worn to the gym, for a casual stroll down the boardwalk, or with sky-high heels for a bold statement. Take our poll below – do you want to see Urban Camo return?

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  1. I think lumberjack should slso come back my granddaughter borrowed mine lol and i got perfectly olsid totslly do not compare

  2. Hi, yes please return the black Cano and the red skull in plus size. Are we able to view the previous past prints and click on the ones we would like to come back or in my ce buy them immediately. Thanks.

    1. Hi Patricia!
      Thanks for letting us know you’d like to see Urban Camo and Crimson Sugar return! I’ll pass that along to our design team!

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