Throwback Collection + Theo’s Legacy

We brought back some of your favourites!

Gracie Rose, Confetti, and Medieval Goddess are back! 💕🎉 These are 3 prints that helped launch SweetLegs back in 2014, and some of today’s most sought-after SweetLegs! 🌸 In addition we have Theo’s Print- a commemorative charity print that you can learn more about further down in this post. 💙

SweetLegs Throwback Collection from SweetLegs on Vimeo.

Theo’s Print

In late 2017, the SweetLegs family was stricken with the loss of sweet baby Theo at just 5 days old due to a serious congenital heart defect, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Theo’s Print is a commemorative charity print, designed by our family and design team featuring a very special heart rhythm, the map of the Okanagan night sky, and an exclusive heart shaped ankle insignia.

$5 of every pair of Theo’s Print purchased will be donated to charity in support of congenital heart disease research and development. Your purchase of Theo’s Print helps fund future lifesaving technologies and medical research.

Do you have a heart warrior? Please share them with us using#theoslegacy and help SweetLegs bring further awareness to congenital heart disease

Theo’s Legacy from SweetLegs on Vimeo.


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