What I’ve Learned Wearing SweetLegs For Two Years Straight

I have worn SweetLegs every day for almost two years straight, and this is my public declaration of SweetLegs love.

Before I became an SweetLegs Independent Distributor in November 2015, I had been briefly dabbling in SweetLegs since their ecommerce store launched in April 2014, whenever my maternity leave income allowed some occasional online shopping. In comparison to the maternity leggings I was wearing (that I constantly had to pull up and that turned into hammer pants at the end of the day), I was amazed at how soft SweetLegs were and how well they fit.

Let me back up for a second. My initial experience with leggings was from my childhood, and at the time, the style that was all the rage was a cotton blend with an elastic strap that wrapped under the arch of your foot. As a child who only wore dresses, these leggings were a proverbial hell and even the sight of them caused me grief. I would lash out and go into attack mode the moment my mother even approached me with them. My unfortunate childhood experience with these awful leggings left psychological scarring which eventually morphed me into a jean monster well into my twenties.

So there I was in 2014, one year post-baby, feeling dumpy and hating my body, and slipping into my first pair of SweetLegs (Raven, a black pair, I wasn’t ready to flirt with fashion). I had ordered them online on a whim after hearing non-stop about SweetLegs on my Facebook newsfeed. As I put them on, I saw my body transform into a shape I hadn’t seen in over two years; it was magical. I immediately started thinking of the best way to destroy my cotton maternity leggings and maternity jeans I was still wearing (fire? brimstone? paper shredder? alchemy?) and jumped back on the SweetLegs website to order more. It wasn’t until my second pregnancy later in the year when I truly learned to embrace comfort, and learned that maternity stores had an amazing selection of tunics that would go perfectly with SweetLegs, and that SweetLegs went perfectly with pregnancy. SweetLegs carried me through my pregnancy and my post-baby lumps and bumps until I decided that I needed to sell SweetLegs so everyone would know that there’s life after jeans, and that leggings can be pants.

Sienna Miller/Photo: AKM-GSI

As a SweetLegs Distributor, I found myself at the forefront of the leggings VS pants debate. Comments from window shoppers at events like “well, some people shouldn’t wear leggings” to women constantly saying they couldn’t wear anything tight for a myriad of reasons, all stemming from a lack of self confidence and body acceptance, would follow me everywhere. I had entered the centre of a strange social phenomenon where women felt vindicated by putting their bodies down, and the more I heard it, the more disturbing I found it. If leggings aren’t pants – if SweetLegs aren’t pants – then how do we explain the legging obsessions of celebrities like Sienna Miller, Kendall Jenner, Charlize Theron, Adriana Lima, Molly Sims, Bella Hadid, Dita Von Teese, Emma Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Hilary Duff, Lily Collins, Chrissy Teigan, Kate Moss, Elle Fanning – the list goes on – all seen sporting leggings everywhere they go? It was clear to me that sacrificing comfort for style was no longer a trend.

I started to become pushier with the product, not in selling it, but in encouraging the nay-sayers to take a chance on something new. Many people shied away from printed bottoms because they assumed a print will make them look larger (despite loving the pattern in front of them).  I would ask customers to try them on to humour me, and in turn they would do so much more: I would watch women transform in front of my eyes when they wore SweetLegs, as if the sky had parted and a whole new world of wardrobe options had appeared in front of them. The most shocking symptom of wearing SweetLegs is the comfort, because dressing nice and being comfortable has always been a bit of an oxymoron, and many of us have grown up in a world where beauty is pain. I worked tirelessly to slowly chip away the insecurities of my customers, including family members and friends, and encourage them to wear things they liked and things that were comfortable. In turn, it became a snowball effect and more and more women in my social circle were beginning to love their bodies again despite their perceived imperfections.

Now that I’m working behind the scenes at SweetLegs as the Community Director no longer a Distributor, it feels imperative to share what I’ve learned after selling thousands of pairs of SweetLegs and owning over 200 pairs personally, wearing them day-in and day-out:

  1. There’s no one “type” of body that can wear SweetLegs. I have seen women, children, and men of every size and shape rock and own SweetLegs without abandon. They are for everyone.
  2. Wearing SweetLegs has improved my wardrobe and how I present myself. Before discovering SweetLegs, I would gravitate towards hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts, and jeans – usually all in black because that is apparently supposed to be slimming. It was easy and I thought it was comfortable, (despite looking like I had crawled out of a Marilyn Manson music video and having to unbutton my jeans at every holiday meal). Now that I only wear SweetLegs, I have evolved to wearing blouses, tunics, lace extenders, cardigans, fitted blazers, dress shirts – the list goes on – and in a variety of fun colours that match the gorgeous and sometimes crazy prints on my legs. I feel confident, I feel stylish, I always feel comfortable, and most importantly, I feel like me. Life is too short to wear boring clothes.
  3.  No one gets to tell you how to dress but you. Your body, your choices. If a piece of clothing makes you feel happy, comfortable, and confident, then you should wear it. It’s time to embrace our bodies and cherish them instead of using them as fodder to make ourselves feel inferior, because your body is the only one you have, and it is amazing.

Let’s change the conversation around wearing leggings and start a SweetLegs revolution. Let’s stop caring about what other people think in regards to what we put on OUR bodies, and let’s wear what we love and what makes us feel good. Instead of asking, “should I wear this?” ask yourself, “which pair will I wear today?” 




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