Cooking Confidence with The Glow Babe

Interview with The Glow Babe: Holistic Nutritionist, and Moksha Yoga Instructor Nicole Olthius

Known as The Glow Babe, Nicole Olthuis is no stranger to holistic health – but it wasn’t always that way. Her passion for helping people become glowing versions of themselves through nutrition, yoga, and self love started with her own journey. Finding self confidence in connecting with her body and embracing her own special glow has created a boss babe that we had to get to know better. We sat down with Nicole and got her favorite recipes, tips, and tricks that we hope will make you glitter.

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Nicole before and after.

SL: Tell us why you chose to become a holistic nutritionist?

NI have always been interested in nutrition – I read a lot about it and tried everything in the book. I was always a fairly healthy eater, but in my early twenties I seemed to gain weight at an alarming rate and couldn’t figure out why. I ate fairly healthy, I exercised, and eventually I just kind of gave up. The endless chicken and brown rice with broccoli meal prep wasn’t working for me. A few months later I registered for my yoga teacher training and gave my body the permission to tell me what it wanted – lo and behold it lead me to healthy foods that my body was craving. By the end of my training I had already lost some weight and was feeling much better. I continued with intuitive eating and respecting my body. While I was in Kelowna for yoga teacher training I found out about The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I registered and have never looked back. I’m now lost close to 50 lbs and it came off naturally by eating the right foods for my body and doing physical activity that work for me. Now my mission is to help people to find the most glowing version of themselves through nutrition. 

“Some of my favourite things are a good cup of coffee, yummy and healthy food, and days spent in the sunshine.”

Nicole’s favourite on-the-go healthy snack is a green smoothie from Glow Juicery in Kelowna, BC.

SL: What do you think is the hottest trend in healthy eating right now? What is your professional opinion about it?

NThe reality is there are going to be so many trends that sweep the industry. In my opinion, there is a time and a place for pretty much anything. The basic tenet of Holistic Nutrition is we are biochemically unique. I think the main thing is to eat whole foods, of good quality, and the more local the better! I will say as a society we tend not to eat enough good quality fat, and that was a big game changer for me in getting my hormones to support health and weight loss.

SL: Tell us about a food that you love that people might not know about, and how they can integrate it into their diet?

N: Healthy eating has become more “en vogue”, and I think lots of “health foods” have become much more mainstream. One of my suggestions is to not underestimate the power of fresh herbs in both the taste and nutrition of your food. Cilantro can chelate heavy metals, rosemary gives a beautiful aroma, and mint has been shown to help with indigestion. You get so many more benefits than dried spices, and I promise once you roast a chicken with fresh herbs you will never go back! A herb garden is also really easy to grow, even when you are living in an apartment.

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Say goodbye to your straw and check out Nicole’s amazing smoothie bowl

Nicole’s Chocolate Avocado Smoothie Bowl

– 1 frozen banana
– 1/2 an avocado 
– 1/2 cup coconut milk 
– 1/4 tsp cinnamon 
– 2 tbsp raw cacao
– 1 scoop of greens or handful of spinach if desired
– 1 scoop protein powder if desired

Blend to a smooth consistency and pour into a bowl.

Topping options:
Slivered almonds 
Unsweetened coconut 
Cacao nibs
Hemp hearts* 
Chia seeds* 
*strongly encouraged

: Do you have a preference for organic food? If yes, how can someone eat organic on a budget? Are there any non-organic foods we should totally avoid?

N: I do have a preference for organic, especially local. There is debate out there of whether or not it is better, but the way I see it, the less chemicals the better, and we have yet to study the full effects of conventional farming chemicals in depth. Head to your local farmer’s market or grow it yourself if you can!  To help you make choices in the grocery store, referring to the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen will give some guidance on which are top priority for buying organic.

SL: Many people have a hard time drinking enough water. Do you have any tips to help us get our 8 glasses a day?

N: Find a water bottle you love! Sounds cheesy, but it honestly works. When it’s a fashion accessory and you’re really into it you’ll want to take it everywhere! Adding lemon for taste can be helpful; or even creating a routine such as drinking a cup of water as soon as you get up. The big thing is to remember to take sips throughout the day and keep it close by and within reach! Small sips are easier on your body and will benefit you much more than guzzling down the whole bottle!

Nicole’s Plant Based Greek Salad🌿

Nicole’s Plant Based Greek Salad
(Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free)

Grape tomatoes 
Red pepper 
Black olives 
Drizzle of olive oil 
Himalayan salt 



SL: How can one eat healthy and avoid fast food when they’re on the road all the time?

N: It’s definitely not easy, but as people are reaching for more healthy foods, we are getting more and more options out there! Find some places that serve more whole foods like Chopped Leaf or Glow Juicery and google what is available in whatever town or city you will be in/passing through. If there are no places serving up good options, you can make the best choice at whatever restaurant by foregoing soda and passing up the deep fried foods. Hit up the local grocery store and get some nuts, seeds, fruit, a rotisserie chicken and a veggie tray!

SL: Time for some real talk. What is your favourite SweetLegs print right now?

N:  How do you pick!? I really am loving Smokeshow!

You can connect with Nicole, The Glow Babe, on Instagram and Facebook.

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