Date Night: In The Pursuit Of Magic

I Solemnly Swear That This Date is GOOD!

If you’re in Toronto and a Harry Potter fan, we have the perfect date night for you. Grab your significant other and make a date out of Toronto’s magical hot spots. 

 Stop 1: The Lockhart Bar

When I tell you that we had the MOST MAGICAL Date Night (which was actually during the day) and in Toronto no less, you would probably assume I am talking about a cinderella fairytale. Nope. Not this time.

We are talking more wands and less glass slippers.

When The Lockhart Cocktail Bar, a “Harry Potter theme bar”, opened in Toronto just over a year ago, I immediately added it to the “someday list” and starting following the venue on Instagram. Every time a photo flew through my feed I was reminded that this magical place was less that an hour drive from me. Both my husband Chris and I have been to the Wizarding world of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando (twice) and The Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios Tour in London UK, so clearly we are huge fans.

Finally the stars aligned and we had a free day with no kids!

We made it to the bar just as brunch service was finishing. The Lockhart has magic dripping from every corner – some of it subtle, some of it not. I had my fingers crossed that this wasn’t just a tourist trap. Even though the place was full of fans, this wasn’t just a theme bar. The Lockhart has created it’s own magic that plays into your inner child who loved snuggling up on a cozy couch and reading Harry Potter.
We sat at the penny top bar until a table opened up. Chris and I both ordered the Chicken Waffles and once we got our table we were served our “Better Beer”. (PRO TIP: Make sure to check out the hours before you come as they close from 3-5 on the weekends)


Our drinks came over flowing with whip cream and a touch of sorcery. They tasted marvellous and I can completely understand how you could order an entire pitcher (which is available). It was hard not to fan-out and take photos of every inch of this small bar on Dundas West, however if you do, no worries because you are in good company. The mixologist understood how otherworldly this whole experience was and didn’t even hesitate in asking if we wanted a photo at our table.


Our food arrived quickly, and although our Chicken and Waffles might not have been the breakfast spread found at Hogwarts, you forget that after one bite. The menu focuses on good eats VS theme, and although they had fun with the drink menu, food is serious business which sets them apart entirely. Our meal was topped off with a Chocolate frog, ours being cookies and cream, and they change up flavours frequently.

Stop 2: Curiosa: Purveyors of Extraordinary Things

Curisoa isn’t just you average “exit through the gift shop” Harry Potter themed store – this is so much more. Playing on the Diagon Alley motif, this wondrous shop has carefully curated all things magical and whimsical. It has this fantastic apothecary feel to it with a touch of hocus-pocus, including self-stirring cauldrons. Imagine stepping back in time while also in stepping into a fantasy – pretty cool! 

Curiosa has everything from calligraphy sets to board games and candles to candy. There are also knick-knacks from other beloved worlds too: Sherlock Holmes, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and even Anne of Green Gables.

I adore Artwork, and its my favourite thing to collect while traveling. Curiosa is the 1st store (outside a theme park) in North America to carry MinaLima’s work. I carefully selected a boxes of Ministry Of Magic Proclamations Artwork Postcards which I plan to display in my office.


Stop 3: iHalo Krunch

iHalo Krunch’s Charcoal Ice Cream has been the coolest treat this hot summer, and like slew of trend chaser we also ended up waiting line for this dark magical delicacy. Starting with the foundation: the black cone. Made black by the activated charcoal which comes from coconut husks, they add a dab of marshmallow fluff to keep your shadowy delight from messing up your robe. I did swirl of UBE Nut (purple) and Black on Black, and my husband Chris had Meet Your Matcha (green – typical Slytherin). The charcoal is said to have detox properties, and it can reduce bloating among other things. The line was long, but don’t let the muggles get you down! It only took 15 minutes till we had our delectables in our hands.


It was tons of fun to have an adventure in our own backyard. It’s easy to forget that you don’t have to go far outside your door to find one! Have you been to any of these magical eateries? What’s your favourite local hot spot?


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